Saurabh Chandekar stamps FIFA

Extraordinary are the ways by which football fans show their love for the sport. Saurabh Chandekar, a multi-talented Visualizer at AMO Communications has come up with about five artworks, based on the theme of the FIFA world cup. He has created them not using paint, brush, charcoal or pencil but, rubber stamps and the modest ink pad!!

Saurabh was inspired to do rubber stamp art by watching a bank clerk stamping a sheath of papers. The rhythm of the task inspired Saurabh to create visual magic using these two mediums. The first picture took about 6 hours to complete since it requires a lot of patience and perseverance, one mistake means scrapping out the entire piece. Saurabh now plans to do a series of rubber stamp paintings to create a series devoted to mothers.

Saurabh likes to work using his hands rather than technology, he believes that this is the best method to increase clarity and concentration.

Versatile Saurabh dabbles in music and theatre when not trying his hand in art. He plans to act and direct an experimental play based on his mother’s poems. His father is a Marathi theatre artist.

P2P wishes to convey how proud we are to have Saurabh Chandekar in the Percept family, and wish him much success, awards and accolades in the future.

Source: Percept

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