Sandesh launches Vote India Vote campaign

Sandesh, leading Gujarati news daily with over 65 lakh readers across the state of Gujarat, has announced the launch of a distinctive campaign titled ‘Vote India Vote’, aimed at encouraging people to use their right of franchise.

Designed to role out in three phases, the campaign essentially celebrates the power of ‘1’ and stresses the importance of the worth of every single vote.

The exclusively-designed campaign began with teasers depicting the role played by Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Vikram Sarabhai and Ravi Shankar Maharaj , the four proud sons of Gujarat whose invaluable contribution to the nation is acknowledged far and wide. The campaign talks about how each one of them single-handedly achieved remarkable feats with their strong determination. It depicts how Mahatma Gandhi succeeded in winning Independence for the country, Sarder Patel integrated bits and pieces into a single entity called India, Vikram Sarabhai opened the world of science & technology to Indians and how Ravi Shankar Maharaj brought about positive changes in the society – all by themselves. They believed in their internal power, they believed in the fact that they could make a difference.

The second phase involves endorsements by celebrities of the like Irfan Pathan, Prachi Desai, Paresh Raval, Parthiv Patel etc. Starting 9th April until the 20th, a different celebrity each day shall urge Sandesh readers to vote. In their own style they will convince readers to ensure that not a single vote goes unutilized.

The final leg of the campaign will begin on 21st April and will go on till the 29th April. After having convinced the readers that they must vote, these 9 days will focus on educating readers on the qualities of a good representative, the aspects they should consider before making their choice.

30th April, the ‘D’ day will see Sandesh asking its readers to act on all that they absorbed during the campaign. There will be an intensely convincing message that will spring them into action and make them cast their vote.

Commenting on the campaign, Parthiv Patel, MD – Sandesh said “The whole idea behind this campaign is to ensure that people get out of the mentality of ‘It’s ok if I don’t vote, one vote wouldn’t make much difference’. Through this campaign we are highlighting what a single vote can do in determining the fate of the world’s largest democracy. Power of media is undisputable. Especially when talking about a daily like Sandesh, which is read by more than 65 lakh readers across Gujarat, our responsibility and influence grow multifold. I am confident this campaign will help us in contributing positively to the society. Vote India Vote. ”

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