Sandesh announces election specific content to promote voting

Sandesh, leading Gujarati news daily with over 65 lakh readers across the state of Gujarat, has taken the onus of playing the role of the perfect guide and messenger (as the name ‘Sandesh’ aptly suggests). To ensure that people vote for the best representative, Sandesh has been organizing public debates amongst the LS contestants in various parts of the State through its ‘Vote India Vote’ campaign.

Commenting on the campaign, Rahoul Shah, Director – Marketing, Sandesh said “The ‘Vote India Vote’ campaign has been planned very meticulously wherein we have ensured our message reaches out far and wide to every citizen falling within our reach. Our readers have responded extremely well to the campaign and this reflects in the hundreds of letters of appreciation that we receive from them each day. It is a very satisfying feeling to know we have made a positive contribution to the society through this powerful medium. Elections are just round the corner. Please go ahead and vote!”

The topics covered are the most pressing local issues in each constituency. Debaters are the LS candidates contesting from that particular constituency and spectators are the scores of people who will very soon give their mandate for the formation of an ideal house of representatives.

The first debate was held in Bharuch between Aziz Tankarvi of Congress Party and Mr Mansukh Vasava of BJP. The debate was well deliberated & covered almost all issues concerning Gujarat in general and Bharuch in particular Participation from the audience, picked from a wide cross section of the society, was overwhelming and people acknowledged the ingenuity of the whole activity. The following debate saw Satyajit Gaekwad of Congress Party and Mr Balakrishna Shukla of BJP battling it out amongst them for the Vadodara constituency.

Similar debates have been planned in other constituencies also in the coming days. ‘Vote India Vote’ campaign was kicked off by Sandesh in the first week of April with the idea of encouraging people to use their right of franchise. Designed in three phases, the first two phases celebrated the power of ‘1’ and established the importance of the worth of every single vote. The third and final phase is about educating masses to make the right choice.

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