Sahara Launches STUDIO NYSA

STUDIO NYSA, a new feather in the cap of SAHARA INDIA PARIWAR, is a state-of-the-art Studio facility catering to recording, editing mixing and mastering of music under one roof. Equipped with one of the best mixing console in the world “The SSL 9000K series”, Studio NYSA ‘A’ stands out from the rest in its category in its sonic quality, already a proven fact in the world by SOLID STATE LOGIC.

A limited edition product, Studio NYSA ‘A’ takes pride in being the 3rd worldwide and 1st in the country to own this awesome piece of creation from the SSL Stable. An all Analog mixing console combined with the Sonic expertise of Digidesigns Pro Tools, a pioneer in the Music Recording industry, makes this a DREAM PLACE for any musician to work. To add to its forte is the classic acoustic design by a pioneer in this art, “ANDY MUNRO”, whose design’s have already spoken volumes worldwide. A studio with the best in the industry monitoring system by Dyna Acoustic makes it one of the best sounding studios in the country. The Studio also prides in the use of analog recording tape machines, a technology that beautified sound in the yester years, which makes if another dream for today’s user. Coupled to all this, an array of gadgets helps one to experiment, improve and create a musical difference under the same roof. The Studio is equipped with the Dyna Audio monitoring system for both Stereo (conventional) and Surround (5.1), mixing and monitoring environment that makes it a place of choice for one to work.

Studio NYSA ‘B’, a mirror image of the former in its technology, boasts of the ‘SSL 4000 GT’ an all analog mixing console, the most sought after console in the world even today because of its outstanding sonic quality.

Both the studio setups thus cater to the best of recording technologies with their combination of analog and digital recording domains, making it the best of industry and the country. This facility offers the best ambience for scoring of songs and background music for films. Additionally, the Studio is also capable of dubbing facility for films too.

The Studio has competent human resource in the form of its audio team, with well trained and experienced professionals who have worked with the best music directors and directors in the film industry. A mix of professionalism and hospitality makes this is a place of choice for one to work.

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