launches India's first Free Audio conferencing service in Bangalore

In a bid to expand its presence in the country,, India’s First Free Audio Conferencing facility today announced the launch of its Bangalore local access number. was launched in Mumbai early this year by its co-founders Mr. Sabeer Bhatia and Mr. Yogesh Patel.

Commenting on the launch Yogesh Patel, co-founder of said, “Bangalore is well established as a technologically advance city of India. With the launch of access number in Bangalore, customers can cut down on their travel expenses by making a local call. Now users can call a local number in Bangalore or Mumbai to make conference calls across India. Customers can conduct all important meetings just over a local phone call”.

Headquartered in Mumbai,, has combined some of the most advanced concepts in technology, and taken them to the ‘next level’ to bring quality of service and ease of use to its customers. has wide applications for corporate communications in both large and small companies. For example – Heads of organizations can schedule a conference call with their team members at specified times. Sales Managers can have a daily conference call with his sales force. Lawyers can their clients can have conference calls. Geographically dispersed teams can have a conference calls with out travelling. All these conference calls are Free.

Since its inception, has registered over 100,000 satisfied customers.

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