Saatchi Saatchi Guangzhou launch 'Big Stain' campaign

In a technologically innovative campaign conceived by Saatchi & Saatchi Creative Directors Fan Ng, Wendy Chan, Jonathan Ip, Edmund Choe and Andy Greenaway, and Henry Chu of Interactive Production House, Pill & Pillow HK, giant digital T-shirts have been displayed in public places, for people to cover in virtual ketchup, soy sauce and mustard.

In order to demonstrate the cleaning power of Ariel, the Creatives came up with the interactive ‘Ariel Wii Game’. The game is programmed and projected onto a digital T-shirt, and involves Wii consoles disguised as a sauce bottle or Ariel. Members of the public were invited to cover the giant T-shirts in sauce, then remove the sauce with the Ariel Wii controller.

“This is probably the biggest stain people have ever made”, commented Wendy Chan, Creative Director Saatchi & Saatchi Guangzhou.

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