Robin Carruthers appointed CEO , Square Circle Media Outdoors

Robin Carruthers has been appointed CEO, Square Circle Media Outdoors, the new out-of-home (OOH) specialist sister concern unit of Shlok Media, which is run by Mayur Patel and Sapna Patel.

Sapna Patel, director, Shlok Media, said, “Square Circle Media Outdoors is a newly launched specialist agency, which caters to a niche market and offers strategic planning and implementation needs for the clients. Robin is the right person to lead this initiative and we are happy that he has joined us.”

Square Circle aims to fill various gaps in delivering of the service to its clients. It has an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) interface, wherein information flows freely between client and agency from briefing to billings; Online monitoring, where clients can access and view their creatives on sites; and a research based scientific approach, which will use the Mapex software to help clients in plotting the best sites.

Source: Bombay Adclub

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