RJ Neel is back on BIG 92.7 FM , relaunches “Raater Othithi” show

BIG 92.7 FM in keeping with the promise of entertaining lives with great programming offering has given yet another reason for the radio listeners of Kolkata to rejoice , by announcing the return of its most sought after Prime Time Radio Jockey Neel.

A Kolkata girl to the core, RJ Neel is entertaining Kolkata with her show “Raater Othithi”on BIG 92.7 FM from 9 to 12 pm, Monday to Saturday fortified with amazing musical trivias, artist retrospective & musical connects, this full of life girl with the most enigmatic voice in town gives a reason to rejoice to every person in Kolkata after finishinghis her hectic daily schedule, a programme which promises the one you will never quite miss a friend again.

Hailed as BIG FM’s one of the Flagship programme, “Raater Othithi” is one of the most talked about shows in the town with RJ Neel adding enormous value to air waves through innovative content along with credible and authentic information about music. The extremely well-informed and music connoisseur RJ of the show gives her listeners pro-active information about Artists, their music and everything that is sure to soothe your mind.Lending vivaciousness to the show is RJ Neel’s take on the topics which matter to the heart. RJ Neel in her persona on-air is best described as the enigmaticenchantress, armed with a thorough musical background throughout her school & college , she is well determined to soothe the ears of the listeners with her most sought after voice.

An experienced RJ of more than 10 Years, RJ Neelhas done shows on AIR Rainbow & had been with BIG 92.7 FM since its launch in Kolkata. She took a brief break from December 2008 due to some serious health reasons. RJ Neel is a very creative person, and believes that RJing is the best way of infotainment. She thinks that’s RJing teaches and delights at the same time. She loves to sing & has been trained in Classical Singing under great stalwarts like Jatileswar Mukhopaddhay, Nanda Das, Sadhan Ch.Roy, Sunil Chattopadhyay & the great Carlton Kito in Jazz. She is already perusing a career in Professional singing & has sung songs in various T.V serials,Films & ad Jingles.

Speaking on the occasion,Terence Mandle, Station Head, BIG 92.7 FM Kolkata said, “It’s a great occasion forus that we have got RJ Neel back amongst us & we hope that she continues to rule the airwaves as she has done before also. She is an asset for the station & we hope that the we have been able to live upto the demands of various radio listeners of Kolkata by bringing her back .”

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