Reuters Editor-in-Chief, David Schlesinger, Wins Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award

Thomson Reuters has announced Reuters Editor-in-Chief, David Schlesinger, as the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award for Business & Financial Reporting. Mr. Schlesinger is being honored for his stewardship of the world’s largest international news organization, and his commitment to preserving core Reuters values while reinventing journalism for the 21st century.

“More than any other news organization, Reuters understands that there is no sharp dividing line between business reporting, political reporting, and other kinds of news,” said Peter Price, President and CEO of NATAS. “As Editor-in-Chief, David Schlesinger has preserved the venerable organization’s core journalistic values while enthusiastically embracing the possibilities and challenges of the digital age, and we are proud to honor him for this achievement.”

In January 2007, Mr. Schlesinger was appointed Editor-in-Chief of Reuters, where he leads over 2,500 editorial staff in text, television, and pictures strategically and operationally. Based in London, Mr. Schlesinger served as Global Managing Editor from October 2003 until he became Editor-in-Chief.

Previously, Mr. Schlesinger was Executive Vice President and Editor of the Americas, running operations in North, Central and South America between 2000 and October 2003. Having joined Reuters in 1987 as a Hong Kong correspondent, Mr. Schlesinger ran various editorial operations in Taiwan, China and the Greater China region before transferring to New York in 1995 to work as Financial Editor of the Americas, and then Managing Editor of the Americas.

This is the 6th Annual Emmy Awards for Business & Financial Reporting, recognizing outstanding achievements in business and financial news. The awards will be held on Tuesday, December 2 at the Rainbow Room in New York City.

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