Reporter kidnapped in Mexico

Mexico City : A crime reporter for a Mexican daily was abducted as he was leaving his home, authorities have said.

Vladimir Antuna, who works for El Tiempo de Durango, was grabbed around 10 a.m. Monday by three people who apparently shoved him in a car and drove away.

The incident took place in Durango city, where drug cartels and other criminal organisations are very active.

“We know what is known everywhere, apparently that’s what happened, the authorities know it and they’re undertaking the investigations,” El Tiempo editor Saul Garcia told EFE.

Antuna had filed a complaint not long ago about “some kind of problem”, Garcia said.

Press accounts indicated that it was because of death threats.

Garcia said that to be a journalist in Mexico has become a high-risk profession.

Several months ago another journalist was kidnapped and slain in an area along the border between Durango and neighbouring Coahuila state that has seen a surge in drug-cartel violence in recent years.

Nine journalists have been slain in Mexico so far this year.

Reporters Without Borders, a Paris-based watchdog group, said that 55 journalists have been killed in Mexico since 2000.

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