'Related Content' Drives New Ad Revenue for Publishers

Publishers no longer have to bid good-bye to online visitors prematurely thanks to a powerful set of Related Content services from NewsGator that give readers more of the content they crave.

New Related Stories and Related Topics widgets post, next to every story, contextually relevant headlines and/or topic key words linking to additional stories. Whether from the publisher or third parties, the extra content translates into readership, clicks, ad impressions and revenue.

“Why leave readers wanting more when you can actually give them more, automatically, and keep them on your site and clicking through?” said Jeff Nolan, vice president of NewsGator’s Media and Consumer division. “Our widgets make it simple to maximize the value of your content and keep readers coming back.”

The Related Stories widget offers readers headlines of interest. When they click on a headline, a fly-out window appears with the opening paragraphs of the story. Another click reveals the full article. Ads can be embedded at every turn.

The Related Topics widget automatically presents contextually related topics to readers as key words. Readers click on the key word of interest and are redirected to a new page of stories relevant to the key word. Again, each step is a potential ad impression.

In addition to engaging readers and generating ad revenue, Related Content services enhance search engine optimization by expanding content, providing another channel to gain readership and increase page views. The services also eliminate publishers’ reliance on traditional paid news sources.

Publishers who wish to supplement their own content with related stories from third parties can draw on the NewsGator RSS database, the industry’s largest repository of free content. This repository is the result of NewsGator’s pioneering RSS reading/delivery services. The company adds 8.5 million new articles to the repository every day, indexing and aggregating 3.6 million feeds and archiving 4 years of historical content. Importantly, the company tracks more than 44 million “relevance events” in this activity, ensuring related content is truly relevant to the principal article.

Publishers can control their widgets’ look and feel, search action and content sources through Editor’s Desk, an easy-to-use NewsGator-hosted platform that makes it quick and effortless to build, manage and track widgets. NewsGator offers two pricing models for Related Content services: hosted (transaction based) and free (ad supported with revenue-sharing).

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