Regional Content Search on Rise in India

In just 14 months , after India’s first regional language search engine Guruji was launched ( Guruji allows users to search in five languages including Kannada, Hindi and Malayalam, besides English) regional language content search is crawling fast .

More than 1.5 crore webpages in India are available in local languages and the number is expected to grow 10 crores in next three years. If the trend continued , regional search can reduce English language internet surfers to a minority.

‘Young internet users of second and three tier cities are promoting local search in India by raising local content queries. 40 % users in these cities like to search in local languages. Readers and viewers of small towns and villages have already popularised regional language tv channels and vernacular dailies . Now internet is experiencing the local tinge.’ Anurag Dod, CEO, Guruji said.

Keeping a tab on local search, the search guru Google has also introduced search in Hindi and Tamil last year. Others treading the same path are Yahoo , AOL and Raftaar .

The popularity of local search, according to industry insiders will depend on the availability of local content. Presently we’ve a limited local content in India as compared to neighbour China where the local search engine rules the local content search market.

About 10 to 12 % internet surfers in India prefer to search in local languages. This percentage is growing more than double every year. Infact , non English speaking internet users are being attracted by the websites offering content in local languages.

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