RedWorks Appoints Catarina Lio as MD Macau

Hong Kong : Catarina Lio has been appointed as Managing Director for Ogilvy’s RedWorks Macau operation. She is tasked with continuing to grow the highly successful operation in Macau while maintaining her position as key contact point for Sands China Limited, the fourth biggest global client for RedWorks.

Ms Lio has taken over RedWorks Macau from Jonathan Parker, Regional Vice President of Operations, Asia Pacific RedWorks who held the reins as managing director for both RedWorks Hong Kong and Macau operations since early 2010.

Ms Lio, a communications veteran with a strong marketing background, ranging from design communications to event management to advertising, joined RedWorks Macau as General Manager in 2009. In less than two years, she has successfully reformed the in-house graphic department into an agency operation and helped develop the Macau team. Before joining the Ogilvy family, she worked in Conde Group Ltd (Macau) as Executive Director.

Mr Parker, who was one of the first hires to the RedWorks Asia Pacific management team in 2006, said: “The success of Catarina in RedWorks Macau is a great example on how we continue to bring people forward. This is a good example of how, at RedWorks, people have the opportunity to develop their own career paths and realize the fruits of their labour. This has always been a major motivator for our people.”

“Over the last few years RedWorks has evolved to become an active participant in the account servicing process. Our people, like Catarina, are fully immersed in the client’s programme as part of the front line team from start to finish, as opposed to the old studio approach of simply taking a brief and delivering the product. This allows us to provide a much greater degree of creative strategy and be an integral part of the campaign process,” said Mr Parker.

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