Red FM searching for Malishka’s Craziest deewana

Red FM, the station for expression, is looking for Malishka’s (RJ) biggest fan . True to its Bajaate Raho ishtyle, RED FM will put their ‘dewaangi’ to test by bringing the craziest dares on air starting February 9. The completion of the dares will see three lucky winners who prove their ‘dewaangi’ for Malishka and Mumbai will decide on who earns the title of ‘Malishka ka sabse bada dewaana’!

Malishka’s biggest fan will reflect her bold and brazen attitude! Listeners will have to perform the following dares to prove their ‘dewaanapan’ for Malishka:
1. Shave half their head in ode to Malishka ,2. Wax their body, dress like a woman and walk around the city for a day 3. Do whatever it takes to get an autograph from Shahrukh Khan before February 14 .The biggest Deewanas will get a chance to meet Malishka and win exciting prizes.

Commenting on the initiative, Anuj Singh, National Marketing Head & Station Head, Mumbai, Red FM, said, “Red FM is known to do things differently and ‘Malishka ka sabse bada dewaana’ is one such novel idea to give listeners a chance to meet their favorite RJ and win exciting prizes! The dares make it thrilling and we have received an overwhelming response from our listeners and we truly hope to make this Valentine’s day memorable for them.”

Listeners have to SMS Red <space> Deewana to 58558 if they think they are Malishka’s biggest fan. Once selected, they have to complete the dare that Malishka announces on the show, every morning of the Valentine week.

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