Red FM RJ Kidnapping Gimmick Works , Listeners Jam Studio Phones

Since Malishka’s kidnapping, Mumbaikars have left no stone unturned to do whatever they can to save their favorite RJ from the notorious and ruthless Kidnapper. The fight to save Malishka has been the driving force for Mumbaikars and they are determined about facing any dares that the kidnapper might have.

In order to feed Maliskha, the faceless captor had challenged Mumbaikars to stand near the ticket counter of Cinemax, Versova and beg for money to buy movie tickets for themselves. Even after the successful completion of this dare, the ruthless kidnapper wasn’t satisfied and posed yet another challenge for the people of Mumbai, this time he wanted them to dress up as beggars and shoo away couples sitting at Bandstand.

After a series of unsuccessful attempts by many loyal fans, to save their favourite RJ, Sanjay Lobo, an event manager, took up this dare and in the guise of a beggar successfully managed to shoo couples from Bandstand. This was a heroic attempt by Sanjay to free RJ Malishka but it is yet to be seen if this pleases the cold-blooded kidnapper.

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