Red FM launches 'Machhar Ab Tu Darr” initiative

In an attempt to help empower Mumbaikars to deal with mosquito menace, Red FM has initiated a “Machhar Ab Tu Darr” initiative where Red FM’s mosquito busting teams will be going to societies affected by the mosquito problem and conduct flogging to rid the area of this menace. In true Red FM style these teams will go in all revelry with Dhols and Bajaas and make sure residents are aware of basic measures for better hygiene and cleanliness which will help them curb the menace.

“The Mosquito menace has hit the city even before the monsoons have made their presence felt! With unhygienic neighborhoods, garbage filled streets, clogged drains, rampant construction activity, and other infrastructural activity in most part of Mumbai, Mumbaikars face the mosquito menace with pest borne diseases like Malaria, Chickungunia, Dengue, etc. on the rise! And it’s just going to get worse with the monsoon around the corner,” a Red FM spokesperson said.

All one has to do to protect against the mosquito menace hitting their area is to SMS Red Machhar <Area name> to 58558 and Red FM’s Mosquito busters will be in the area with their fogging machines.

The Red FM team has already received numerous requests from listeners all over Mumbai who are affected by the mosquito menace. The activity has helped citizens of areas such as Chembur, Thane, Dahisar, Parel, Matunga & Dombivili curb the problem of mosquitoes.

Says RJ Malishka, who has been campaigning for the cause extensively on the station and has been talking to people from various effected areas regarding the mosquito problem in their area, “The idea behind the “Mashhar Ab Tu Darr” initiative is to have a fun activity where we go with our Toli and encourage people to get rid of the mosquito menace and on a more serious note also educate them about the various measures they can take to protect themselves against mosquitoes. So while we are going out and flogging areas we also want to empower the residents by making them more aware of things they can do themselves, which will help them in the long run” .

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