Red FM launches Gangtok station

Tuesday: Red FM has announced the launch of its new service in Gangtok which will be the 47th Radio Station.

Known as the ‘Station for Expression’, Red FM has won over 62 awards to date and started its operational in 2002 from the 3 metros of Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. The success of Brand Red FM is in evident in taking it national.

Red FM Gangtok – a single source of contemporary entertainment in the city, with the best mix of today’s super hit music. A local entertainer, relevant and genuine, Red FM seeks to instantly serve the information and cultural needs of the region.

As a mass station, Red FM believes that localizing information and incorporating the cultural flavor of the region is crucial for connecting with the audiences. And so it includes in its programming, special properties or sparklers that add an element of zing to the content and bring a smile to the faces of listeners.

The station will offer a good mix of the latest English hits, English Retro Music, Latest Nepali Hits, Nepali Retro Music and Bollywood hits.

Red FM also recognizes the need for today’s interactive radio to raise issues that matter to the people in their daily lives. Red FM does not preach or sermonize, but Red FM cares.

Red FM will also raise these issues in their “exclusives” – while you will recognize your favourite song, do listen carefully for the message in these sparklers.

Visible, accessible and constantly on the streets, Red FM is modern, innovative, entertaining and fun. Red FM represents the voice of the youth who today have a mind of their own. Our RJs will ensure that listeners are completely tuned in to what’s happening in the city, in Bollywood and the International music scene.

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