Red FM invites listeners to talk to RJ Malishka

Red FM has announced yet another initiative to magnetise more listeners. India‘s leading FM brand has suggested two means to speak to its star RJ Malishka i.e. mobile and web.

Red FM gives Mumbaikers the chance to connect with RJ Malishka directly, any time-any place. Listeners can contact her by calling her on her IDEA number 9702000935 to leave a message. Alternatively, they can follow her day to day by logging onto Fans can also find her on Facebook (search for mymalishka) and share their stories, opinions and grievances.

Anuj Singh, National Marketing Head and Station Head (Mumbai) remarks, “Red FM is the “station for expression” that has always addressed matters of public interest. Morning No.1’s success is mainly due to the incredible, intuitive connection Malishka has with her listeners. This initiative not only serves to strengthen that connection but also gives us new ways of engaging and touching our audiences. Listeners will now have more platforms on which to express themselves to Malishka and through her have their opinions heard by a wider audience”

Malishka is understandably quite excited about it. “I love the fact that my listeners can now reach me at any time of the day. It not only gives me an access into their lives but allows them to gain a sneak peek into mine. Listeners can follow me on Twitter, interact with me on my Facebook page or simply pick up the phone to talk to me. Now I get to bajaao on air and off air too” she says half jokingly.

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