Red FM hikes advertising rates

Mumbai : Red FM has announced an increase in its advertising rates to the tune of 12-15% effective June 1st 2010. The decision to hike rates follows the recent re-branding of the erstwhile S FM stations into Red FM making the Red FM Network, India’s Largest Network* with a spread across 50 stations and a listenership of 34 million.

Commenting on the hike, B. Surendar, Senior VP and National Sales Head, Red FM, said, “We had rationalized our ad rates during the recession and now, we are correcting it. In the past year or so, we have consolidating out position as the largest network with a spread of 50 stations across India. The re-branding exercise has helped us increase efficiencies and reap the benefits of scale while offering cost effective solutions to our clients. In less than a year after the re-branding, Red FM Network has shown a robust performance in IRS with a total Listenership of 34 million. In addition to this, our recent success at the India Radio Forum where we swept the awards with a total of 9 awards, proves that we have the stamp of approval from both our listeners as well as the trade.”

Red FM is one of the most consistent brands in the industry today. It was one of the first stations to adopt the CHR format and continues to stay true to its philosophy and brand attitude of Bajaate Raho which is well entrenched in the minds of the listeners. In addition to this, Red FM is known for its unique approach to issues, award winning talent, content which sets the benchmarks for the industry and 360 degree solutions for clients, making it one of the most differentiated brands in the industry today and a preferred choice for advertisers.

Commenting on the effect that the rate hike will have on the advertisers, B. Surendar, said, “As a media company, our services go far beyond radio and into 360 degree solutions for our clients. Our advertisers understand the value proposition we offer and come to us because of a differentiated brand, a proven track record, the strength of our network and because of our ability to provide 360 degree communications solutions.”

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