Red FM Hikes Advertising Rates between 15 to 25 %

Red FM has announced an increase in its advertising rates to the tune of 15-25% effective Oct 1st. The decision to hike rates reflects current market dynamics, viz., the acceptance of radio as an effective and efficient medium and Red FM’s leadership status in the industry.

Commenting on the hike, B. Surendar, National Sales Head, Red FM, said, “A lot has changed in the markets in the past one year; the erstwhile perception-based market leaders have been toppled over and there is greater accountability with the entry of RAM. Red FM, more than any other station has been driving this change. It is the only brand which has seen an increase in rates while maintaining its leadership status in market shares. This is more because Red FM offers the most transparent and cost effective radio buying.”

Red FM has shown consistent performance in RAM both in terms of Market Shares and Cumulative Listenership and is well known for setting benchmarks when it comes to creative 360 degree solutions for clients, as is proved by consistently improving advertising shares. One of the most awarded radio stations, Red FM boasts of a repertoire of award winning campaigns, properties and the No.1 and most awarded jockeys of the country.

Commenting on the effect that the rate hike will have on the advertisers, B. Surendar, said, “We have rationalized our rates. Our advertisers understand the value proposition we offer and come to us because of a proven track record, our leadership in market shares and because of our strength of providing 360 degree communications solutions.”

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