Red FM helps Karimullah to meet Sachin

Mumbai : What would you do if a die hard fan wants to send a very unique and special gift to none other than Sachin Tendulkar?

Karimullah ,a 70 year old hailing from Lucknow is known as the mango king of Lucknow, Malihabad, which is popular worldwide for its mangoes. A Padmashree award winner , Mr. Karimullah has another passion which he shares with millions of fans in India and abroad and that is Sachin Tendulkar. So much so that he has grown and nurtured a mango tree which he lovingly calls ‘Sachin’. So great is his love for the master blaster that Mr.Karimullah wanted mangoes from his tree to be delivered to Sachin in Mumbai. RJ Raunac of Morning No.1, Red FM Lucknow, impressed by the man’s dedication, took up the task and actually travelled to Mumbai in the hope of meeting Sachin Tendulkar and personally delivering Karimullah’s special gift to him, while the city of Lucknow joined in with their support.

But meeting Sachin wasn’t going to prove very easy. RJ Malishka of Red FM Mumbai decided to help Raunac and tried various leads which included calling Atul Kasbekar, who is a good friend of Sachin and speaking to Prahlad Kakkar who lives in the same building as Sachin. Malishka finally called Anjali Tendulkar and requested her to convince Sachin to spare some time. What was proving to be a gruelling chase was immediately rewarded with Anjali confirming Sachin’s availability. Before you knew it RJ Raunac was at Sachin’s residence at the appointed hour with the mangoes in tow.

On receiving this simple yet unique gesture from a die hard fan Sachin expressed his gratitude and thanked the people of Lucknow, Mr. Karimullah and Red FM for making this happen. He requested to speak to Mr. Karimullah personally to thank him.

Expressing his gratitude towards Red FM, Mr. Karimullah said, “I was never expecting this to really happen. I wanted to show my appreciation for Sachin and RJ Raunac from Red FM actually traveled to Mumbai to deliver my gift. I also got to speak to Sachin over the phone. It’s been a dream come true!”

RJ Raunac of Red FM Lucknow said, “It was quite a hatke request we got from Mr. Karimullah, but we thought why not give it a try and see if Sachin agrees. And he did!”

RJ Malishka of Red FM Mumbai who helped Raunac get in touch with Sachin commented, “Anjali has always been a great help. We couldn’t thank her enough for making this happen and of course to Sachin for giving us his time”.

Previously Red FM had helped Amritanshu , a die hard SRK fan got to meet SRK . Red FM had facilitated his travel to Mumbai and covered his journey to meet SRK. When fans wanted Deepika to celebrate Holi with them, Red FM convinced her to meet the fans and also hold a special screening for them.

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