Red FM Airs new jingle

Red FM’s new sound which has recently hit the airwaves, has already been creating ripples in the industry. It all started with a vision to add a new twist to Red FM’s Bajaate Raho sound and in order to turn this vision into reality, Red FM roped in music producer Sachin Gupta (of the Atif Aslam, Doorie fame) to render its new foot-tapping jingle.

Roti, chawal, dal …your staple fare but served differently on a new plate…that’s how Sachin Gupta, the composer of Red FM’s new sound describes his work.

Commenting on the new jingle; Abraham Thomas, COO, Red FM said “We had a vision to blend the RED FM sound with a new tune which would maintain the essence of our Bajaate Raho attitude and offer a fresh and more fun sound for our listeners. I believe we have managed to crack just the right sound which is foot tapping fun and also appeals to every one alike!”

The hard to miss sound can be best described as a harmony of varied sounds which are very distinctly Indian and at the same time convey Red FM’s inherent brand attitude and USP. This catchy number also has the likes of Monali (of Zara Zara fame) and Jaspreet (of Indian Idol 3 fame) lending their voices.

Commenting on the freshness of the sound, Virag Mishra, National Creative Head said, “Every time you hear this song, you will hear something different in it….we have tried to make this sound different from the rest of the competition while at the same time not take it too far from the music that an average Indian is used to.”

Jose Covaco, Programming Head Mumbai, added, “Besides that, since it was our ID it had to be something that is totally Bajaate Raho!, and I think we have succeeded in doing just that…if you hear the new tune you cant help but move to the music!”

Famed for its ‘Bajaate raho’ attitude, Red FM has adopted this fresh, contemporary, spirited sound which is totally Indian in every sense of the word. Red FM will soon be launching a home video on Youtube, which will be the RJs’ rendition of the Red FM tune and their interpretation of it and which promises to be great fun!!

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