Red Chief to launch new television campaign

Actor – Director Prabhudeva recently directed Virat Kohli in an ad for a shoe brand which he endorses, Red chief. This ad was shot in Bangkok since they have the best stunt team, technicians and facilities for an action heavy and stunt packed script like this one. The script required Virat to run on the streets and jump from buildings (performed by a stunt double not Virat of course)

After Rowdy Rathore’s success, Prabhudeva was the best choice to direct such an ad because of the stunts and action involved in it.

Not only did Prabhudeva do complete justice to the action part of the ad, he’s also added his touch of humor in his treatment and direction style which brought about freshness in the script.

This is the first time Prabhudeva and Virat have worked together and they both enjoyed each other’s company.

It was a 2 days shoot in Bangkok. After wrap up, Prabhudeva was generous enough to teach Virat and the entire crew a few dance steps on a popular song from Rowdy Rathore.

Prabhudeva is of the opinion that Virat, inspite of being a Cricketer, is very good in front of the camera and he was co-operative and patient through the shoot. Such a script could be very difficult and taxing for a Cricketer but Virat did all the shots very sportingly

Virat thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learning a few dance steps from Prabhudeva was as good as gold for him.
Virat has been associated with the Red chief for over a year now. The brand is of the opinion that Virat is an ideal endorser for a brand like theirs as the youth can relate to Virat and they look up to him for fashion inspiration. Taking Virat on board would aid the brand’s positioning. Also the brand’s attributes are similar to Virat’s personality and image.

The cameraman/director of Photography was Kartik Vijay who has shot the movie ‘Game’ and is currently working on ‘Matru Ki Bijlee ka Mandola’.

Virat was styled by Nandita Mahtani for this ad. This is the first time Virat has worked with Nandita as well.

The production was handled by Cornerstone Sport and Entertainment and Whacky films.

Model – Virat Kohli ( Brand Endorser)
Director – Prabhudeva
D.O.P. – Kartik Vijay
Stylist – Nandita Mahtani
Production House – Cornerstone Sport and Entertainment
Media Agency and Consultant – Prime Time Communication

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