Recharger Magazine Partners with Reindia Expo

Recharger Magazine has announced partnership Reindia Expo . The magazine will offer exclusive opportunity for attendees and exhibitors to expand their respective businesses in a rapidly growing market. ReIndia Expo will be held at the Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai, India from March 6 – 8, 2008.

“Since Mumbai is recognized as one of the biggest IT hubs and the business capital of India, we felt this was the perfect location to host Recharger’s inaugural Indian event,” said Patricia Ames, Director of Global Events for Recharger. “With Mumbai’s proximity to Southeast Asia and the Middle East, ReIndia Expo will give you a unique opportunity to share information and peer networking in a global, regional and domestic industry.”

Like World Expo in Las Vegas, this new event will become one of the most effective ways to purchase and preview state-of-the-art equipment, products and services to increase productivity and reduce costs. It will allow industry members to experience product launches, brand new service offerings, and peer networking and information sharing classes.

These specialized and innovative education classes will be taught by top industry names, helping attendees to learn about the technical, sales, marketing and industry information necessary to stay up-to-date in this ever-changing business. ReIndia expects to attract 3,000 members and host approximately 100 exhibitors. Attendance will be from a worldwide audience.

“Companies are lining up to buy booth space for this show,” said Ames. “Even before we’d released the floor plan, we had 57 companies on the waiting list; thousands of square feet of booth space sold in the first day. It’s going to be huge.”

ReIndia Expo will provide the best chance to accelerate your business through the education of techniques, productivity enhancements and electronics advancements, which will help to ensure that customer dollars are spent on your business and not with your competitors.

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