RDA launches Fresh Home to Target Young Readers

Fresh Home, a new home improvement magazine from Reader’s Digest Association’s Home & Garden Group, officially launches on newsstands on February 27th. Fresh Home, a bright, energetic lifestyle magazine that approaches do-it-yourself with equal measures of fun and practical value, will be the first magazine with hundreds of easy, affordable decorating and designing ideas and tips for the millions of Americans interested in making DIY improvements to their home.

Fresh Home will launch as a quarterly magazine with more than 110 pages of editorial, a distribution of 300,000 copies and a newsstand price of $4.99. The title will be sold both on newsstands and at retailer giants Home Depot and Lowe’s and will be supported by major newsstand promotions with Wal-Mart, CVS, Borders and Barnes & Noble. The issue will include advertisers such as IKEA, Elmira Stoves, Forbo and UGL.

Fresh Home was created to address the increasing trend of young homeowners on a budget—a demographic that has not previously been reached by a shelter magazine with dollar-savvy ideas and projects they can execute on their own. According to a Reader’s Digest survey, DIY consumers account for half of the total home improvement market, and 73% of all home improvement projects done last year were DIY. Fresh Home is a result of extensive market research that found that home improvement sales actually represent 66% more spending power than the pet care, movie and beauty industries combined, and that 80% of women want to do more home improvement projects.

“Fresh Home is dedicated to providing readers with clever, easy ways to personalize their homes, whether they want to roll up their sleeves and do it themselves or take a shopping trip with the family on Saturday afternoon,” said Neil Wertheimer, Editor-in-Chief of Fresh Home. “There is nothing else in the marketplace today with the creativity and unique concept of Fresh Home and this magazine is perfect for the growing number of people who find some of their best design ideas and home improvement inspiration online.”

Alyce Alston, President of RDA’s Home & Garden and Health & Wellness affinities, said, “Never before has there been a home improvement magazine that is so in tune with the consumer living in today’s economy. Fresh Home not only provides design inspiration, but also practical ways to upgrade your home using fun and easy methods.”

Every issue of Fresh Home contains eight to 10 projects with options for readers to choose to do-it-yourself or buy-it-yourself. Editorial features include 25 Choices for a Feel Good Kitchen, 14 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal and Fast Facelifts for Every Room.

Fresh Home is a fresh voice to help the growing wave of home improvers to achieve their dreams. With women and younger couples spending the majority of home-improvement dollars, DIY has taken on a new meaning: Design It Yourself! For today’s DIY enthusiast, the goal is to create a home that is deeply personal, comfortable and unique.

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