RCOM Ties up with ZMQ To Develop Mobile Games

Reliance Communications has announced its partnership with ZMQ Software Systems, a New Delhi based gaming, e-learning and edutainment Software Company in developing and launching mobile games on various social themes and programs.

To create mass awareness on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) espoused by the United Nations, both RCOM and ZMQ are now engaged in developing MDG Chase, an interactive mobile game, where users catch different MDGS, learn about the various issues and concerns, score points and come to know how they can really contribute in achieving them. They also need to send the collected MDGs to the stakeholders on their demand.

The objective of the game is to deliver all the eight MDGs and achieve the target in the shortest time. To accomplish this, RCOM has made the MDG Chase mobile game available on Reliance Mobile World(R World).Plans for launching new mobile games on MDGs are also expected soon.

Speaking on the tie-up, Krishna Durbha, Head- Value Added Services, Reliance Communications said,”We are glad that our partnership with ZMQ will help in popularizing mobile games based on noble goals of the UN. This will provide us an opportunity for developing more innovative games that are integral to the promotion of Millennium Development Goals.”

ZMQ has collaborated with United Nations Millennium Campaign to develop and disseminate series of games on MDG awareness for the public to understand a variety of issues related to MDGs.

Millennium Development Goals are eight noble goals aimed at improving the welfare of mankind by reducing poverty, hunger, child and maternal mortality, ensuring education for all, controlling and managing diseases, tackling gender disparity, ensuring sustainable development and pursuing global partnerships. The United Nations has mandated the achievement of these goals by 2015 through the Millennium Declaration adopted by 189 member nations and signed by 147 heads of state and governments at the UN Millennium Summit in September 2000.

The mobile games are being developed by ZMQ under its not-for-profit initiative. ZMQ has won many accolades for its commitment to combat HIV/AIDS, and other global problems like global warming, illiteracy and poverty using sustainable ICT tools and solutions.

Massive campaigns are underway in promoting the mobile game through SMS to reach out the objectives of SUTA (Stand Up and Take Action, a global mobilization campaign of the United Nations to end poverty and inequality), far and wide so that maximum number of people understands the issues concerning MDGs and helps in achieving them. This year’s SUTA mobilization against poverty is going to be biggest ever. One percent of the world’s population or 67 million people are targeted in 2008. The mobile game known as MDG Game is available only on Reliance Communications network exclusively.

The UN Millennium Campaign (UNMC) is an inter-UN agency initiative that was established by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in 2002. The Campaign works worldwide to support citizens’ efforts to hold their governments to account for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs were adopted by 189 world leaders from the north and south, as part of the Millennium Declaration which was signed in 2000.

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