RBG forays into sports management

New Delhi: RBG (Raj Bahadur Grandsons) Sports Management & PR has entered into the business of sports management with innovative ideas to promote sports at all level.

RBG is the only company in India sub-continent, which gives more than 20 sport related services. A wide range of services are offered for clients by RBG Sports Management & PR including sports clothing, tournament management, Public Relations, endorsement & sponsorship, legal advice, website maintenance, talent and celebrity management, coaching clinics, sports insurance, product & service launch, media management, marketing and advertising, ad making, business & financial management, news monitoring service, contract negotiation, corporate sports day .

RBG has representatives in 16 countries including Australia, Germany, Canada, West Indies, USA, UK, Dubai, South Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri lanka. Apart from this, we are in more than 200 cities in India.

Some people ask that there are already so many sports management companies in India, where is the scope for us. Answer is as simple as question. Actually, other sports management companies are working on a set pattern, but RBG has come with unique ideas. The basic problem with sports in our country is not the talent, nor the facilities it’s just about taking schemes and proposals up-to the lowest level. There is lot to exchange. Our initiative is to work for the betterment of sports.

11 years experience in newsroom of news channel gives us advantage to understand the need of media better than others. Most of the PR agencies do not know how to handle media, how to convince them for good stories, how to stop them asking questions which are not related to the service/product of the client.

Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar was addressing media some time back in Mumbai on the behalf of an international company which is a world leader in electronic gadgets industry. Reporters were asking him cricket related questions and staff of PR agency was just trying to convince them to ask client’s product related question. But reporters continuously asked cricket related questions.
Now try to understand two things.

Pushpendra Singh, Director of RBG sports management, is the only sports journalist in India who has started his own sports management company. His passion for sports will never die, that’s why after spending 11 years in journalism, he decided to move into sports management. He has very good contact with several sports legends and sports officials.

Mr.Singh has visited several countries for reporting assignment as a sports journalist and has covered several international sports events worldwide including T20 cricket world cup and IPL season II in South Africa, Compaq cup in Sri Lanka. He had worked at senior level with few big names in media like Zee News, News24 and ETV.

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