RAPP China launches new servicet “Cultura” in Asia Pacific

Shanghai: RAPP Asia Pacific has launched a new service across the region with the completion of its first Cultura pilot project for Unilever, headed by RAPP China. Cultura is a practice across RAPP worldwide combining cultural anthropology with research that uncovers insights, fuels innovation and creates IP that exists at the intersection of design thinking, digital marketing, brand strategy and overarching cultural shifts. While Cultura has been a service provided by RAPP Worldwide, this is the first time it has been offered by RAPP Asia-Pacific to clients.

The tool presents a truly unique offering in the regional market as it goes beyond simple consumer research or social media monitoring by using primary and secondary research, anthropological insight, and adaptive analytics to help companies improve business drivers such as product development, market opportunity, and cohort collaboration.

Cultura employs a team of behavioral and cultural experts for the local market who integrate their expertise with technology, research, and social media monitoring to deliver valuable insights into the behavioral and cultural norms with which consumers interact with a brand. The process is designed with a keen understanding of the local market and utilizes data sources such as news, blogs, forums, social media, and virtual communities to deliver in-depth analysis and insights for brands.

RAPP China, in collaboration with RAPP Hong Kong and RAPP Japan, conducted the first Cultura report for Asia Pacific that will aid Unilever derive meaningful data from conversations consumers are having online in Greater China and Japan. The pilot report dived deep into the topics researched and looked at similarities and differences among consumer opinions between the two markets.

“We are excited to produce our first Cultura report for Unilever,” said Ross Gearing, Managing Director for RAPP China. “This is a unique offering that really emphasizes the value RAPP can deliver through combining fresh social media research and in-depth planning within distinctive cultural contexts. Cultura is a great example of RAPP’s capacity to overlay global data-driven marketing expertise with local data sensitivities.”

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