Ranbir appears on Radio Mirchi to sell nothing

Mumbai : Star kid and next gen superstar, Ranbir Kapoor better known nowadays, as Rocket Singh – salesman of the year was in the Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM studio today….and no, he was not there to sell anything!

Ranbir aka Rocket Singh aka Harpreet Singh Bedi was on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM’s morning show ‘Hi Mumbai’ with RJ Jeeturaaj to interact with listeners and fans who actually tried to sell HIM stuff!

As part of a fun contest organised by the station, listeners were invited to send a text message mentioning the funniest thing they could sell… the ten funniest messages were then selected and the winners got to meet the current heartthrob of the Nation and make a sales pitch to him!

Mirchi listener Darpan who was also a winner, tried selling a towel to the Saawariyan boy. His pitch was that this towel would make Ranbir the sexiest man in the world, now that he had recently been voted as the sexiest man in India!

Another listener Pari, who’s message Ranbir picked, tried selling Aloe Vera juice to him to make him energetic, adding that when SHE would deliver the juice herself, he would become even more energetic!

Besides picking messages and interacting with winners, Ranbir spoke to RJ Jeeturaaj about his role as a Sikh salesman, the challenges, the fun elements and the experience of working on a simple yet adventurous film like Rocket Singh.

“Rocket Singh is not like a summer blockbuster with fast cars or actresses in chiffon sarees, its is the simple story of a fresh graduate who aspires to be a salesman”, said Ranbir.

Rocket Singh – salesman of the year, is the story of a young Sikh boy who graduates with rather embarrassing grades and enters the field of Sales, which he considers a great option for smart people who do not become doctors, lawyers etc. He believes that Sales jobs are for intelligent people who are not boring. Thus begins his journey into the amazing world of sales where people get away with selling ice to Eskimos, dreams to insomniacs and combs to bald men!

Tune into Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM to hear ‘Pocket mein rocket hain’ and other groovy numbers that the Salesman of the year dances to!

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