RAM Rankings Prompt Big FM to Launch 'Adda'

Big FM Kolkata has announced yet another innovative measure to make its popular Kolkata Station even more exciting, entertaining, differentiated and local for its listeners. The Station will introduce the Mojar Adda format which includes shows and activities which are weaved around the concept of ‘Adda’ – an integral part of Bengali culture where people get together to discuss array of topics. This fun-filled and interactive format is going to add to the local flavour and is here to entertain Kolkata!

The station also announced the ‘BIG Para Addabaaj’ Contest, which will have Adda groups of various housing societies competing for the ‘King Of All Addas’ Crown.

Commenting on the new format, Rohit Dhar – Regional Director – BIG 92.7 FM, said “We are very excited with the numbers from RAM. Introducing the ‘Mojar Adda’ station positioning in Kolkata has helped us stand out in the cluttered environment, delivering entertainment which is best in class and relevant to our listeners in Kolkata and offering a superior communication platform for our advertisers and the marketing community. It will also fulfill a strong need of listeners – which has been proven through research. The content will be engrossing and entertaining, given that it is what the listener wants.”

“Our findings indicate Kolkata’s need for a station with local connect, which cuts across age groups, especially appealing to the 20-29 audience. Our offering will be sure a hit among our target audience”, said Ramita Chaudhari, Station Director, Kolkata, BIG 92.7 FM.

With the Mojar Adda format, BIG 92.7 FM’s, Kolkata Station, will have the basic flavour of an Adda which will be reflected both on-air and on-ground activities and will be extremely fun and humour rich. The Adda format will also have high listener’s interaction. ‘Mojar Adda’ as a concept has been derived post extensive research and findings by the local team through various surveys and local connect…….This ensures that BIG 92.7 FM is Kolkata’s only Radio Station that has a positioning which is extremely local in nature and has more connect. Listeners can look forward to a fresh and latest content that is in sync with the tastes of Kolkat – ians, something no other radio station offers!

Leadership in this segment strongly indicates the unique and differentiated entertainment offered by BIG 92.7 FM to the informed, educated and discerning listener segment, and thereby makes BIG 92.7 FM a delightful prospect for marketers to include it in their communication plans for an even wider range of products and services.

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