Rakhi Sawant to Cheer Cricketors and Fans

After cheering people on the idiot box and in the cinema halls , India’s top item girl Rakhi Sawant will now cheer cricketors . She has agreed to be a cheerleader in soon to be held ICL Zeebras cricket tournament.

“Cheerleading is not just tamasha (mindless drama). It is a sport by itself. Until now, it was the exclusive domain of the international cheerleading troupes. But, thanks to ICL, this country will now have an indigenous cheerleaders’ squad.” says the Oomph girl.

Rakhi Sawant’s team includes Ritika, Preeti, Jessica, Geeta, Richa, Sharvari, Jayshree and Sangeeta. The matches will begin at Hyderabad from Oct 10 when Rakhi Sawant and her team members will do everything to woo cricket lovers and of course the parched Cricketors ! Keep it up Rakhi !

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