Rajasthan Patrika Group Launches Indore Edition

In a strategic move right at the onset of festive season, Patrika has launched its edition in Indore after a successful launch in Bhopal. It not only goes as a very positive message that Patrika is thriving in MP with its tremendous success in Bhopal but it also covers the most vital part of Madhya Pradesh from commercial view point.

NHM Marketing, Arvind Kalia is confident that with the launch of Indore edition Patrika will become a promising option for advertisers to reach the key consumers in the state. He points that Bhopal plus Indore account for 74% of total Ad spends on the state. Mr. Kalia explains that Patrika will be a viable option as a media vehicle because it will connect the advertisers to a fresh set of readers, thereby increasing their penetration where it matters.

Madhya Pradesh being one of the largest Hindi speaking states has 98% Hindi daily readers ( as per IRS). Despite the consistently uprising literacy rate ( 64% as per Census 2001) existing players are showing a declining trend in readership, which indicates a clear opportunity for a credible and strong newpaper.

A survey team of more than 450 members covered the city divided into 8 zones and conducted an extensive survey which helped in charting out readers’ preference, expectations, locate dissatisfaction areas and create brand awareness. 4.25 lakh households and business establishments were contacted during the survey.

Based on the survey and research findings Indore edition of Patrika is packed with new features, which differentiate the product radically from existing players in the market. A fresh approach to a fluid and more visual layout further re enforces this differentiation. Patrika has deliberately worked on establishing the readers’ connect. The accent is clearly local.

B R Singh, General Manager, Circulation, informed that an army of sales personnel has been employed following on the foots of the survey team. He informs that already the competitors are aligning themselves to the new equations emerging in Indore with the splash made by the entry of Patrika. He asserts that Patrika’s entry in MP has resulted in competitor sliding prices, throwing new product after product. He says is this scrambling not a clear indication of Patrika’s strength on ground here? He further adds that the phenomenal success of Patrika in Bhopal has paved the way for its grand entry in Indore. Starting with a print run of 1.5 lakh copies the circulation in Bhopal crossed a figure of 2,63,000 copies in just 4 months. Patrika, upholding its credibility, comes up with exclusive editorial stories that make everlasting impact and establish an instant connect with readers. To gauage its penetration Patrika organised a Mega trade fair in Bhopal, and registered a massive footfall of more than 8,50,000 visitors. Patrika has been able to draw a swing of 70% of the advertisers of real estate industry in Bhopal in this short period. He invites people to come and witness the footprints of success.

The promotional blitzkrieg has intensified near the launch. The full gamut of media have been employed which covers not only the conventional btl and atl , but also reaches consumers through more interactive and innovative channels establishing connect at multiple levels. Various btl activities have been devised to cater to different segments. Ambient media in malls and restaurants and such other public places has been underlining the presence of the brand. The outdoor activities including hoardings, canopies, camel road shows, motorbike rallies, games and fun activities at malls, human banners and vehicle branding, radio spots, cinema slides at cineplexes were undertaken. Fun activity at 80 corporate establishments was undertaken.

Rajasthan Patrika Group is publishing 4 newspapers including 2 evening newspaper encompassing 6 states Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal and successfully retained its No.1 position in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka (IRS 08) among Hindi newspaper. After establishing itself as a complete media conglomerate that encompasses 3 FM stations, OOH, Yellow Pages, Mobile VAS, Events, Publication, Cable and recently revamped Web Portal, Patrika is spreading out in new direction.

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