Radio One’s Children’s Day Celebrations

Celebrate Children’s Day on November 14, 2008 with 94.3 Radio One, for the Fataafat Generation, and get your dose of “Cuteness Fataafat”. Bright and sunny voices of children will reverberate through the airwaves as kids take on the position of Junior RJs and host the entire day’s programmes on the station.

From 6.00 am to 9.00 pm, all sweepers, promos etc. on the station will be voiced by kids, and Junior Jaggu, Junior Tarana, will replace their original namesakes as RJs on the popular Mumbai Fataafat show, Junior RJ’s will also replace all the original RJ’s on the other shows of the station such as in the drive time show Chill Fataafat, in the mid morning show Matinee Fataafat , the college show Campus Fataafat and the ever popular Ghanta Singh.

The station’s gone through a lot of effort to find the perfect Junior to match their RJ. Junior Jaggu is a healthy 12 year old Sindhi boy, delivering amusing quips on cue, while Junior Tarana is chatterbox who is very interested all things Bollywood.

Solidifying its “Fataafat” position, this station’s programming is aimed at metro audiences, who are looking to be instantly entertained. One minute games continue through the fortnight, promising winners a day of instant fame, through billboards, print ads, and radio spots, amplified through a massive Rs. 3 crore media campaign.

Says Vehrnon Ibrahim, National Director Programming, 94.3 FM, Radio One, “This is our way of appreciating the generation of our young urban audiences, who are incredibly talented, and great fun. It’s a very innovative sound for the station, and is keeping in line with our effort to always provide fresh, interesting programming.”

Says Raj Gopal Iyer, Station Head West, 94.3, Radio One “Exciting initiatives like this add to the fun quotient of our station which is imperative for engaging listeners, and it specifically addresses a segment of the audience – youngsters, who are loyal radio listeners”.

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