Radio One on RJ Hunt

Radio One, 94.3 FM on Monday kicked off the first leg of Radio One College Radio Championship. This annual RJ hunt is conducted in colleges across metros in India, at the end of which, the winners, a team of two per city, are selected to join Radio One’s award winning programming team on air. This is also the largest event on radio for the college target audiences.

This immensely popular and much anticipated activity, received over 2000 registrations from colleges across the country last year. Judging by initial responses to the contest’s publicity campaign, the station expects as many entries, if not more, this year as well.

The first phase of the competition begins with participants registering for the contest by filling out a form stating their name, college, and contact information. They also have to answer some initial questions at this stage such as “What would you name your first show on radio?” based on which a panel shortlists contestants to be auditioned.

Auditions are held internally within each college, with participants competing in pairs. Contestants are tested on different aspects of being an RJ, through role plays. For instance they may be asked to interview a difficult celebrity, or create a witty link for a segment. The panel looks at the contestant’s presence of mind, wit, his ability to deal with various studio and outdoor broadcasting situations, his knack of presenting current affairs in an engaging manner and so on. The eminent panel of judges is made up of leaders in performing arts such as Bollywood personalities, TV and theatre actors, RJs, Anchors etc.

A team of two is selected per college, and these teams are then trained at the Radio One Studios by the station’s leading RJs. The next stage of the contest is an on-air competition, where each college team competes with the other and is judged by a Radio One panel. The pair of winners from each city receives an internship with Radio One.

Adds Vineet Singh Hukmani, CEO, Radio One, “We are happy that we have been able to grow Radio One’s College Radio Championship far above our expectations keeping in tune with the high growth rate of our station.’

Says Vehrnon Ibrahim, Programming Director, Radio One, “The best way for college students to get fame fataafat is to participate in Radio One’s College Radio Championships and do their college proud’

Radio One’s College Radio Championship is sponsored by Sony Ericsson and Styled by Pantaloon. Radio One has 6 stations operating in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Ahmedabad and will soon launch in Kolkotta.

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