Radio One Launches 'One For The Boss'

An innovative twist in programming, that’s sure to woo metro audiences, brings corporate leaders to the microphones at 94.3 FM, Radio One . An all new evening segment titled “One for The Boss” begins today on the station and will feature MDs and CEO’s who are regular Radio One listeners as program hosts instead. The segment will be on air every night from midnight to 1 am, and feature ‘The Boss’ or a industry captain, and have him on air speaking about the music that he or she loves and playing his all time favorite tracks on air.

94.3 FM, Radio One, for the Fataafat Generation, has a committed presence in Indian metros. Promotions for the show will take place through mailers in trade publications, print ads and radio spots. Every week night audiences can tune in to hear the head of a company host a show.

Says Vineet Singh Hukmani, MD, Radio One, ‘As metro innovators, Radio One is committed to providing new and innovative programming that is relevant and differentiated for our urban audiences. Corporate audiences including leading CEOs and MDs regularly tune into our station and it was a natural progression to ask them to do their own shows on our station’

“We’ve had an amazing response to the concept and the list of “CEO RJs” for the month is already full. We have also asked companies to register with us through sms and recommend their CEOs and MDs to do the show. It is great way for people to know how cool their bosses are, as a person’s choice of music defines him / her pretty much’ added Vehrnon Ibrahim, National head of Programming, Radio One.

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