Radio One Launches 'Jaggu’s Jackpot' Contest

94.3 FM Radio One has announced the launch of ‘Jaggu’s Jackpot’ contest that promises its listeners instant cash if they are able to identify the names of three songs related to a particular theme, after listening to their opening bars of the piece being played on air. Drawing inspiration from the station’s popular RJ Jaggu, the contest draws on the light, easy and fun spirit that is epitomized by the RJ on the station’s very popular morning drive time show “Mumbai Fataafat”.

The contest started on 8th December 2008 and will continue for a period of two weeks concluding on 19th of December 2008. Contestants are required to identify the songs based on a particular Bollywood theme such as songs from a Hindi horror movie, or starring a particular actor like Kareena Kapoor or Emraan Hashmi etc. Winners receive Rs.10,000 as a cash prize for correct guesses. The station will be giving out a grand total of Rs.1lakh through the two week period.

Says Vehrnon Ibrahim, National Director Programming, 94.3 FM, Radio One, “Jaggu’s Jackpot is based on hot buttons of metro audiences. The songs are Bollywood numbers based on Bollywood themes, a mainstay of the station’s playlist. In addition the spirit of light competition combines with the lure of easy money making it an irresistible draw for our Fataafat Generation listeners who are looking to be instantly gratified.”

Adds Raj Gopal Iyer, Station Head West, 94.3, Radio One, “Creative contests such as these engage listeners and help build loyalty to the station. And the property reinforces the Fataafat platform of the station, by immediately providing a reward for listener’s efforts.”

Radio One has 6 stations operating in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Ahmedabad and will soon launch in Kolkotta.

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