Radio One Launches Good Morning Mumbai Show

Radio One has come up with a very unique way of giving voice to its urban audience’s serious concern about the inflationary effect of the hike in fuel prices hitting all and sundry.

On the show Jaggu and Tarana invite callers to nominate someone who could benefit from receiving a month long supply of basic ration. Callers share their story, and each day ration supply for the whole month are awarded to the most worthy participant. The campaign has received a great response with over 300 people calling in to participate already and emails pouring in as well.

Says RJ Jaggu, “Most people have been affected by inflation, but there are some of those really unlucky ones who have been hit twice or even thrice as badly by the price rise because of other problems in their lives such as an illness in the family or the loss of a family member which has made it really difficult for them to make ends meet. Radio One’s Ration Shop will help someone in such a situation each day.”

An example is of lady who was the only earning member of an extended family. Her husband had lost his job and the family was having trouble making ends meet on her single income to the extent that they had disconnected their home phone, keeping only her cell phone active, which again allowed only incoming calls to contain expenses. As bad luck would have it, she lost her cell phone and in the same week her mother-in-law had to be hospitalised raising expenses further and leaving the family in deep financial trouble. Through Radio One’s Ration Shop the lady received a month’s ration, and Radio One also gave her a new cell phone with a connection.

Says Raj Gopal Iyer, Station Head, West, Radio One, “Radio One provides the instant connect to whatever’s uppermost on the audience’s mind. At this point rising prices are topics of great concern and the Ration Shop is the station’s way of giving voice to this.”

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