Radio One Launches Any Time Music

Mumbai: 94.3 Radio one has just launched the first of its kind SMS services under the SMS VAS umbrella brand of ‘Any Time Music – ATM’. These have been launched in Mumbai first and based on the quality and quantity of listener response these will then be rolled out in other metro cities.

The first ATM service is called Song Gyaan. All a listener needs to do is SMS ‘SONG’ to 53650. He will get an instant SMS of what song is playing on the station currently with details of music composer and singer.

‘Though all our MJays (music jocks) announce this information on songs, it is possible that a listener tunes in between a song and has missed it, so a simple sms will help him know which song is on air and who composed it and who sang it’, said Bavesh Janavlekar, Station head Mumbai.

The second ATM service is called ‘Song Choice’. When a listener is listening to a song and he likes it all he has to do is sms ‘MYSONG’ to 53650. He will then get a choice of songs to ‘register as his song’. In the future whenever that song is going to be played on the station, the listener will get an alert a few mins before so he can catch the song. The listener can also dedicate the song by forwarding the SMS to a friend and asking them to catch the song on air.

‘People lead busy lives and this service will help them connect to their favourite music on radio one thereby increasing involvement with the station’, added Bavesh.

‘Radio one’s ‘maximum music’ proposition is being strengthened by the launch of ATMs using mobiles and the digital space. Our listeners tune into our station for the quantity, and quality of MUSIC primarily. Our research shows they tune into all other stations for ‘generic reasons’. We will continue to deliver innovation in the mobile and digital music space that is instant and consumer centric’, said Shyju Varkey, National marketing head, 94.3 Radio One.

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