Radio One Launches 20-20 on-air game module

Mumbai : With the successful closure of World Cup 2011, a brand new T-20 season will now be taking flight. While the whole nation is being swept by cricket frenzy, 94.3 Radio One the station with maximum music, maximum choice ushers in launch of “Bunty 20 – Khel Bees Ka” with none other than cricket guru and commentator Harsha Bhogle. The contest will be run across 7 cities; namely Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata and Chennai.

The station with the ‘Maximum Music, Maximum Choice’, gives you the opportunity of your lifetime to win loads of prizes. Test your cricket quotient, by taking part in the Bunty20 quiz conducted by Harsha Bhogle about the previous day’s game and wins tickets for the next T-20 game in your respective cities. One lucky winner from each city will stand a chance to play the NATIONAL Bunty 20 Quiz FINAL at Mumbai with HARSHA and win himself a SWANKY CAR.

At this occasion, Vineet Singh Hukmani, Managing Director 94.3 Radio One said, “94.3 Radio One is the pioneering ‘music station’, which has been in constant pursuit of new trends on radio. We have been persistently exploring opportunities to make an emotional connect with zillions of our fans. Music being the life and cricket being the undisputed religion of Indians, 94.3 Radio One decided to bring together these key elements of the core Indian existence through ‘Bunty Twenty’- Khel Bees Ka, Radio One’s new property.”

Maintaining its core proposition of being the ONLY music station which, understands the listeners’ enthusiasm and zeal for cricket; 94.3 Radio One has introduced Bunty – the personification of the avid cricket fan present in all Indians. Bunty will add glamour and masala for the listeners ranging from the gossip about the celebs, cheer girls and the “otherwise” of the game like interesting cricket scoops & the inside stories, the after match parties etc.

Commenting on the initiative Mr. Shyju Varkey, National Head of Marketing 94.3 Radio One said “The entire nation is abuzz with cricket fever, irrespective of age, sex or class. 94.3 Radio One has introduced Bunty Twenty – Khel Bees Ka to create a common platform for Music and cricket. Bunty is a real life character, which epitomizes the Indian cricket fan. He is within you, me and all of us. He represents the cricketing passion of every Indian.”

To promote its initiative, 94.3 Radio One had engaged in setting up on-ground events in different malls across country, where fans had an opportunity to experience the on-air experience, live, and win instant prizes .

Rajeev Bhandari, COO, 94.3 Radio One said, “The success of our Cricket Raaj activity during the just concluded World Cup gave us the impetus to go ahead with this property. A number of our sponsors for our previous cricket initiatives were enthused by the response have come on board this time around as well. Our title sponsor this time is DSK Supinfocomm, and our presenting sponsor is Kaspersky”

Listeners can tune-in every day in the breakfast show from 8am to 9 am to participate in the quiz and send in their answers within a 20 minute period to win the next days’ ground match tickets. They can also participate by sending the responses through a SMS to 53650. So tune in to Radio 94.3 and unleash the Bunty inside you.

One listener, in each city, who sends in the maximum number of correct answers at the end of the activity, will be flown down to Mumbai to be quizzed live by Harsha. The winner at this live event will take home a car.

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