Radio One Celebrates April Fools Day

Radio One 94.3 FM, for the Fataafat Generation celebrated April Fool’s Day by convincing listeners that popular radio character Ghanta Singh has been arrested and put behind bars for making calls to random people and irritating them.

The planned act was executed brilliantly by the Radio One team, with a compilation of some over-the-top Ghanta Singh calls being played 2 days prior to his supposed arrest. On 1st April (April Fools Day) the Radio One RJs told listeners that Ghanta Singh had been arrested for the pranks that he’d been playing and asked for listeners to call the radio station to show their solidarity and support for the character. The gag was even supported with an article in MiD DAY that confirmed the story.

What followed was total chaos with an overwhelming audience response. The station’s phone lines got jammed with callers frantically calling to inquire about the fate of Ghanta Singh as well as a deluge of text messages expressing support for his immediate release from prison. What was most surprising was that some fellow celebrities also fell for it and called to inquire about Ghanta Singh’s well being. The callers were taken live on air and the reactions were hilarious.

Says Vehrnon Ibrahim, National Director Programming, 94.3 FM, Radio One, “This is Fun Fataafat. Radio One is a station for urban audiences who are usually very stressed with their daily schedules. People expect to have fun on a day like this, and this was a prank, successfully played, in good spirit. Initiatives like this add to the fun quotient of our station which is imperative for engaging listeners.”

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