Radio Netherlands Worldwide launches Website on Sexual Health

New Delhi: Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW), the Dutch international public broadcaster, announces the launch of &, exclusive web and mobile sites which offer reliable information about sexual health and relationships. The sites support the right to safe and satisfying sex as pledged by the UN & WHO. is the English version and is in Hindi.

Love Matters offers clear, non-judgmental information about issues such as safe sex, contraceptives and reproductive rights and homosexuality. It handles these issues in a sensitive way and uses journalistic content to engage 18-30 year olds in a positive discussion on this subject.

With Love Matters, RNW draws on Dutch expertise in sexual health education. RNW works closely with respected local experts on sexual health to tailor content for different regions. Surveys show that adolescent are ill informed on this subject and want more information.

Speaking on the launch of, coordinator Ms. Michele Ernsting said: “With Love Matters we hope to make it possible to open up a discussion on a subject which is so important to every one of us. We hope to give people the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their sexual health”.

Speaking on the launch of, Mr. Amitabh Srivastava, Country Manager – South Asia at Radio Netherlands Worldwide said: “With Love Matters we are trying to support the change which is so very required for the present generation and for that we are using all the futuristic technologies to get connected to our target group. Also the way we have explained issues here are quite informative in nature. We hope it will be a great source for information “.

The mobile version of Love Matters will tie up with major telecom operators to provide the same content on mobile phones. This format provides information in a private and anonymous environment which is easy to access.

At this moment the website is available in English, Hindi and Spanish. RNW plans to launch an English site for Africa in early 2012.

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