Radio Misty Sikkim dons a New Look

Radio Misty Sikkim 95 fm, the first and only 24×7 fm Station of Sikkim dons a new look now .This change will bring a fresh sound to station.

Radio Misty Sikkim is the only fm station in state which is on air for 24 hours. Radio Misty have introduced a new show Misty Mehfil on Sunday from 7 to 10 pm.This will be a soft show talking about relations and heart matters. This show will play a perfect blend of old and new hits. Apart from this Heart beats on Sunday from 4 to 7 pm will be a blend of International Music. Radio Misty has also started a one hour show shaam e ghazal which will give listeners’ an absolutely delightful and unique experience on Radio. Radio Misty has BBC and Radio Netherlands Worldwide as its partner and their shows give an added advantage to listeners’.

Radio Misty has introduced new segments in the shows. Says, Nishant Mittal, Chief Executive officer, Radio Misty Sikkim 95 fm we have been an innovative station in regard to music and shows. We on regular interval have survey on shows .According to feedback we change the shows and music content. We have always strived to give our listeners the very best in radio entertainment, and in turn we have been rewarded with their loyalty. It is our constant endeavour to create the best on-air programming and content for our listeners, which has enabled us to introduce such a unique concept, which has been never done by any other FM station.

Mr Mittal added that we will start a listeners club in Sikkim. We will hold regular meeting of this club in all towns of Sikkim, to get listeners’ feedback and advice.

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