Radio 'Misty' Launches Sikkim Station

Radio Misty Sikkim 95 FM will be on air at Sikkim soon. This will be the first fm station to be heard in whole of Sikkim. A state of art studio is ready in the capital city of Sikkim, Gangtok. Radio Misty, which is aired in the 94.3 MHz in Siliguri, has been allotted change in frequency in Sikkim.

Says Radio Misty CEO Nishant Mittal, “Misty, due to its location, can be very well heard in Sikkim from Siliguri. With the same frequency in both cities, airwaves from both stations will be overlapping, making it difficult to catch the frequency of the station in Gangtok.” so we applied for change in frequency and it is granted.

Radio Misty 94.3 fm is first and number one radio station of North Bengal. Radio Misty Sikkim 95 FM had already started its campaign for its launch in Sikkim with outdoor hoardings and road campaigns. Now with the new frequency in the Sikkim, Radio Misty Sikkim will launch a fresh campaign, which says, ‘No more point ka chakkar’. Its just music and music. Talking about the two different frequencies in the two cities, Mittal says, “People always relate to the brand name and not the frequency number. For our future bids, we would always want to bid for the 94.3 frequency. With the change in the frequency, we do not intend to change our logo or tagline, the new hoardings will only change the frequency number in our hoardings with the same tagline Gungunate Raho”

Sikkim listeners will be in a unique position – they will be able to tune in to two different Misty channels, one aired from Siliguri and the other from Gangtok. Training of the Radio Jockey and other team members is already competed. A new radio jingle is also made for Radio Misty Sikkim 95 FM. The entire shows will have the blend of local music and culture.

Mr. Mittal said that people in Sikkim are very fond of music. As we have BBC and Radio Netherlands Worldwide as our partner we will be able to play more international numbers and other international shows. Radio Misty will have big marketing plans in Sikkim titled Green and Clean Sikkim. The total theme of the campaign will be eco friendly. Beside this Top Celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood will come to perform live at Sikkim.

Mr. Mittal said that Radio Misty believes in new innovations. Sikkim station will have many innovative shows.

The station has planned to position itself as the station ‘for the locals’. It will aim at promoting the local talents. Shows will be anchored by local RJs in Hindi, English and local languages. The programming of the station is planned to be very different from the station in Siliguri.

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