Radio Mirchi’s “Mirchi Maharani” culminates to a grand finale

Hyderabad : Adding a zing to the Women’s Day celebrations, Radio Mirchi organized a unique contest “Mirchi Maharani” – wherein Homemakers participated in various contests and win themselves the title of ‘Mirchi Maharani’. RJ Anamika and RJ Dheeraja from Radio Mirchi host a complete women’s show and is strictly a ‘No entry zone’ for men as the show caters to only women with content varying from Health Tips, What’s in the newspapers today, Friendly banter and personalized gifts given on air. It was the ladies in action at the finale of the Mirchi Maharani contest that took place today at the Adithya Park Hotel.

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM – the fervent ambassador of Tollywood provided a fitting finale to find Hyderabad’s most charismatic woman. Contests exploring various domains of expertise of a woman were conducted, and 16 women were shortlisted. As a tribute to all the roles played by women, Radio Mirchi reaches out to the woman of Hyderabad, this Women’s Day.

RJ Anamika and RJ Dheeraja, judges at the occasion, tested these incredible women at the basic arts practiced in their day to day life. Sunitha Upadrashta a renowned Playback Singer and Actress Roja graced this occasion and crowned the Mirchi Maharani 2011. ‘This is a great initiative. Women are what hold a family together. Radio Mirchi has shown their appreciation for women by hosting this event of a lifetime. It’s a great way to honor these fabulous women and I’m glad to be a part of this.

The participants were ecstatic to be a part of the contest. One of the contestants commenting on the occasion, “I had a great time and feel really special to have been accorded this opportunity. Radio Mirchi is a constant companion to many of us with its innovative programmes, friendly RJs and great music and this initiative has made it even more special.”

RJ Anamika, “Women form a large percentage of our listeners. As an appreciation of their support we dedicated an event to them, this Women’s Day. I am sure these enthusiastic ladies have had a great time and we will continue to present such delight factors to our listeners which spice up everyday life. Stay tuned to Radio Mirchi – Hyderabad’s hottest Radio station.”

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