Radio Mirchi riding high on the airwaves

From Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi, more people are listening to the leader Radio Mirchi, 98.3 FM, week on week. The radio station is making it a habit staying ahead of the pack on a consistent basis. As per RAM results for Week 25, Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, India’s Hottest Radio station, continues to show dominance as the No.1 Radio station across all four RAM markets.

Radio Mirchi Mumbai has gained an impressive TARP of 1.4 emerging as the clear leader in this market. The Delhi station has garnered an overall TARP of 2.4 and with a listener ship of 50.12 lacs, it delivers almost 60% more listeners than its nearest competitor.

Mirchi Bangalore has also been rocking the airwaves by scoring a TARP of 2.7. In Kolkata, Radio Mirchi has acquired a TARP of 2.3 with a listener ship of 46.2 lakh, emerging as the Numero Uno player in the private FM space yet again.

Radio Mirchi has been riding high on the airwaves. The station had been acknowledged as undisputed king of the Radio domain in the recently released IRS, Round 1, 2009. With over 40 million weekly listeners across its network, the channel emerged head and shoulders above the competition, with a reach almost exceeding the combined reach of the next two players out together.

“It’s all about great radio. Week after week, our programming teams continue to deliver on their promise – better radio creates a bigger audience,” expressed Sujata Bhatt, National Marketing Head, Radio Mirchi.

She further added, “Radio Mirchi’s ability to maintain this formidable growth across the country is a testament to the quality and uniqueness of our programming expertise coupled with some of the most talented and charismatic on-air personalities in the country. Being the largest private Radio network in the country, we have always ensured that we deliver what we stand for.”

Established in year 2007, RAM (Radio Audience Measurement) has been evaluating Radio preferences in four key markets on weekly basis.

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