Radio Mirchi plays counsellor for listeners

Bengaluru:“Reasons to love your job, reasons to hate your job and reasons to quit and move on”, was the topic discussion on RJ Rachna’s Hi Bangalore – breakfast show recently. The discussion received a sea of responses with listeners calling to share their stories and experiences on-air. RJ Rachana’s words were so inspiring and intriguing that a couple of listeners who disliked or were stuck in wrong jobs came forward to resign their jobs. Infact one of the listener ‘Abhishek’ who was abused to work relentlessly for 16 hours called his boss (on-air) to vent out his frustration and put in resign his job.

Radio Mirchi playing the perfect HR, also was successful to find a job for Abhishek who was quite shaken after resigning his job. The on-air quest for finding an apt job for Abhishek was quite fruitful as people from Mysore, Tumkur, rural Tamil Nadu, Gulbarga apart from Bengalureans came forward to offer a job to him. From the host opportunities that came by, Radio Mirchi froze on a delivery boy job offered by Murali who owns a Bisleri dealership agency. The work timings is 8.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. as opposed to his earlier 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. job. Murali also offered free accomodation, 3000 Rupees salary and 700 Rupees as food allowance. Murali has even promised to take good care of Abhishek who was also ill treated by his earlier employer.

Sharing his excitement Abhishek said, “Dint know that life could take such a sharp turn so easily! Bad times are over, dont know how to thank Radio Mirchi for this, Im indebted! I have become a fan of Radio Mirchi for life”

Talking about the experience, RJ Rachana who anchored the whole episode said, “This show was more of a challenge for me, while reading an article I realized that many of us are not happy with the job and people needed a platform to voice their opinion. And now it makes me happy that I could help a few people to get into what they like.”

Similarly Ravi – an electrician, Pushpa – a bank collection agent, Pramod – a cab driver also resigned from their unhappy jobs.

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