Radio Mirchi makes 'fun' of Bengaluru listeners

Bengaluru : Nimma Pori Taporiyondige mobilelalli live video chat maadbeka? (Wanna have a live video chat with your favourite Mirchi RJ on your mobile)

Radio Mirchiya Kannada haadulu mobilelalle live nodbeka? (Wanna view the songs that are played live of Radio Mirchi). Then type Radio Mirchi from your mobile and send it to 58888 to register for the service.

The minute this announcement was made on Radio Mirchi – 98.3 FM, listeners poured in huge numbers to register for this service within a matter of half an hour. More than 4000 bakras registered for the Mirchi halaal service hoping to interact with their favourite RJ face to face and also enable them to watch the songs live on their mobiles.

The excited listeners waited for their video songs & RJs on their mobile the whole day with out realising that were made a bakra by Radio Mirchi. The long wait was answered by in the evening when Radio Mirchi wished its listeners a Happy April Fool’s Day and revealed that it was a prank.

In reaction to the April Fool’s Act, one of the listeners said “Ayyo Rama! Cannot believe I have been fooled!!! Radio Mirchi – Sakkath Thunta (Very Naughty) Man!

Talking about the prank, one of the RJ’s said. “It was great fun to see so may people registering for the service! Operation Kurigalu is super successful must say! This was a prank, successfully played, in good spirit. Initiatives like this add to the fun quotient of our station.”

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