Radio Mirchi Lucknow airs Janta Express

As we geared up to celebrate the 60 year-completion of India’s Republic day , we may have had routine thoughts of an Independence day-type-of-holiday with usual patriotic-songs-overdose, 8 o’clock flag hoisting and the usual yellow-packeted-laddoos with the only interesting addition of Republic day parade with colourful tableaus on TV!.

Hence the spirit of Democracy and Republic become vague, archaic terms in the Civics textbooks of students. Perhaps that explains why today Democracy is misunderstood as the Government of Fools!

So, here was our attempt to give meaning to Democracy and Republic, in Radio Mirchi Janta Express. We had Radio Mirchi Janta Express plying in different parts of the city trying to trace the real civic as well as social problems being faced by the janta of Lucknow based on the on air responses of people expressing the problems that they are facing.

All those problems were channelized to our Hon’ble Mayor, Dr. Dinesh Sharma. And he took it upon himself to solve those problems.

On the 24th of January, 2010, the Mayor, together with all top officials, reporters and correspondents from different newspapers and news channels and the Radio Mirchi Lucknow RJs in the Radio Mirchi Janta Express, went locality-hopping from one corner of Lucknow to another. And the Mayor solved all civic, municipal and other problems like poor drainage, garbage, lamp posts, road repair as well as construction, either in advance or on the spot at 10 different places in a single day. For things which require longer time and budget sanctions, like road constructions, etc, the Mayor gave the requisite pass order there and then. Not only this, the hundreds of complainants to whom we could not go, called up and said for themselves that their problems are also being attended to and the work has either been completed or started.

This 26 Jan the true spirit of Democracy of the people, for the people & by the peopl e was understood. The first step to Democracy is to express. Hence the word of “janta” found “expression” through Radio Mirchi Janta Express! All listeners had to do was to drop in their problems by calling up Radio Mirchi.

Radio Mirchi Janta Express with Mirchi RJs immediately went there and inspected their problem and sent it to the Mayor.

On 24thJan, 2010, Mayor went throughout the city to solve the problem in Radio Mirchi Janta Express…because Janta has expressed!

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