Radio Mirchi looking for weekend RJs

Bangalore : For all those who need a break and intend to ‘Do the new’… Come sing, chat, and thrill the listeners. Radio Mirchi 98.3FM for the first time presents an activity to advocate that RJing is no rocket science and ‘Everybody can be an RJ’!

Let the ‘Listeners’ be the ‘Talkers’! In order to add some spice and to jazz up the dreary life, Radio Mirchi invites listeners to make a mark and entertain the masses with their talent to blab. Radio Mirchi offers once in a lifetime opportunity for its listeners to showcase their crazy side by slipping into the shoes of an RJ.

To let people know the RJ in you, tune into Radio Mirchi – 98.3 FM and register for the auditions. Auditions are on taking place at the Radio Mirchi studio on Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturdays between 12 to 3 pm. Once selected in the auditions, the winner gets an opportunity to host a show on Sundays. Every week one person is selected to host the show.

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