Radio Mirchi knocks 4 in Hyderabad

Hyderabad : Radio Mirchi turns four with the ‘Chaar’minaar express recently! It’s all about chaar and celebrating Hyderabad’s most famous landmark on Mirchi all week long! The last week saw all elements of chaarminar that make it so unique come alive on Radio Mirchi! From the shouts of hawkers selling raw mangoes to the sounds of the lak bazaar! From the bustle of the cafes to the Irani Chai tapiri walas.

The morning show, Hello Hyderabad, hosted hyderabadis who add a zing to the city with their uniqueness! From Chandrababu Naidu, Commissioner of Police AK khan and Actor Rana Dagubatti talking of their fond memories of Chaarminar, from Srini Kopullu talking of Microsoft and why Hyderabad to IIT Ramaiah on creating the IIT phenomenon in the city.

Even Hyd’s delicacies were showcased with some of the most famous sweet makers and biryani houses getting featured on the show with RJ Hemant! From Rana talking of how he would love to make a career out of reviewing haleem to Sudhakar talking of how he wants to make a car like a Nizam jewel and AK Khan comparing chaarminar to the chemical Potassium and sodium but an integral part of our lives and how Srini Kopulla wants to gift Bill Gates chaarminar’s replica and Chandrababu Naidu talking of his memory of his first ever picture with chaarminar in the background and of him being christened the new Quli qutubshah of the modern Hyderabad.

The cassette classics segment had RJ Anamika talking of memories long gone! Talking of times when chaaranas (25 paise coins) brought us the world right from bataanis to ice pepsis, balpan and peppermints and in short, a whole lot of happy memories of having being a part of the late 80’s and 90’s.

Matinee show (2-5 pm) and Mayabazaar (9pm – 12 am) had us celebrating the greatness of the teleugu film industry! while matinee saw a rollout of all the names who changed the way we viewed movies in the past Four decades from actors to directors to movies as such, Mayabazaar, our late night band featuring Telugu classics from the 60’s and 70’s, focused on the four different genres of movies that were path breaking and hugely popular. The response to both these shows just reinstates the popularity and solidarity movies have in our lives.

Bumper 2 bumper, the evening drive time show with RJ Bhargavi, had the whole of Hyderabad rediscovering the many gallis of old city and the beauty of an era and culture that still lives in this day and age! We had Agent 983 swarm the many forgotten bylanes and also the most famous ballpark areas of the old city and recreate the magic with Bhargavi on air! From the oldest Café Farsha to the biggest chudi shops and the most popular chai addas! Truly a walk down memory lane.

Listeners were treated to the sounds of chaarminar all week long with loads of prizes that were given away! From microwave ovens to sarees to sunglasses and gift vouchers galore! But the true gift was the walk down memory lane in old city rediscovering the culturally rich and glorious side to our very own city of Hyderabad with Radio Mirchi! Come join us as we celebrate being a part of this HOT city.

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